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Tiny Turf

 A few well-chosen pieces will emphasize your color palette and give the eye interesting things to focus on around the room.

Dash & Albert Tattersall 8x10 Aqua/Green Rug (folded), $344, dashandalbert.com; Automoblox T9 Pickup, $35,  www.babyoliver.com; Yoshitomo Nara Dog, $100, roseandradish.com; Bentwood Rocker (frame painted with Dunn-Edwards Artificial Turf), $149,  rocking-chairs.com; Pretty Little Things by Lori Marie Azure Owl, $55,  craftsburykids.com; Cath Kidston Pop Flowers Cushion, $10,  cathkidston.com.

(On baby) Puella Petit Cotton Jersey Dress, $44, littlepiggy.com.

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