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Shopping for Baby Stuff: The 411 on Picking the Best Gear

What you should look for in cribs, car seats and more.

Check the fit: Not all models conform to every vehicle, says Julie McCaffrey, founder of BabyNav, a baby planning company in Westchester County, N.Y. Many retailers will let you take your pick to your car to test.
Buy a baby seat first: While both infant seats and convertibles are good options, start with the former. “Those are easier because you can pop them out of the base in the car and onto the stroller,” McCaffrey says. Convertibles stay put, so if your child falls asleep, you’ll have to unbuckle and transfer her out. Do pick out a convertible for later.
Choose one that isn't too heavy: Your little one’s throne should weigh between 7.5 and 11.5 pounds. That may sound dainty, but when it’s carrying an older babe, you’ll definitely feel the extra mass, McCaffrey says.

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