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Health and Development

Is Fracking Harming Your Baby? Study Says Maybe.

New research links the controversial drilling practice to low birth weights. Here's what you can do to keep your baby a healthy size.

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12 Baby Shower Games You'll Actually Want to Play

Forward this to your shower planner: These party games are legitimately fun. As in people will WANT to play them.

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7 Breastfeeding Tips from Moms Who've Been There

Real talk: Breastfeeding is great for baby but for mamas, it can sometimes, well, suck. Here, moms share their top tips for success.

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9 TED Talks for Parents

Prepping for parenthood? From intriguing info on car seats to why babies are sorta smarter than us—there's a TED talk for that.

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Baby 7 photos

6 Fun Things to Do With Your Baby This Summer

Hey Hot Mama, sunshine awaits! Here are some summer fun must-dos to tackle with your newborn these next few months.

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Mom Body Comic Tells Pregnancy Like it Is

Wondering what is up with your body these days? Forget the clichés and horror stories—this is what really happens.

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Real Mom Stories

These 7 Memes Describe Parenting Perfectly

Is Baby taking up your whole king-sized bed? Yup, there's a meme for that. And so much more.

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Swedish Dads Get Way Better Parental Leave than U.S. Moms. (We're Jealous)

A new law in Sweden gives fathers at least three months off to bond with baby, to which we say great for them but NO FAIR, AMERICA!

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