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Health and Development

Abdominal Birth Defect On the Rise in These Moms

An alarming new report finds that the rate of a serious birth defect called gastroschisis has more than doubled. Could you be at risk?

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Pregnancy Health

The Surprising Link Between Pre-Pregnancy Obesity and Infant Death

Why being obese before getting pregnant might put you at risk.

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Meet The Self-Propelling Stroller That'll Make Your Life Easier

...if you have $3,000 to drop on a baby carriage, that is.

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Real Mom Stories

Blizzard Sees Babies Born in All Kinds of Crazy Ways

If you were thanking your lucky stars you weren’t due over the weekend, spare a thought for those who were…

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Can You See the Outline of This Model's Baby?

Pregnant model Adrianna Sant'anna showed off her killer frame in an Instagram post—but fans are convinced they can see more.

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Getting Pregnant

We're Calling It: Storm Jonas Baby Boom!

So, um, what did you do this weekend? Try to make a baby? Evidence shows baby booms do happen after major blizzards.

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Labor and Delivery

Going Past 42 Weeks Could Have Complications for Baby, Study Says

A new study says babies born after their due date are prone to infection, but is induction really a good idea?

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