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Pregnancy Health

The Zika Virus: What You Need to Know

You've probably heard about the Zika virus—but do you know how it affects pregnant women? Here's why you might want to rethink that babymoon.

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Getting Pregnant

Spermbots: Fertility Treatment of the Future?

‘Robosperm’ could be the new way to improve your odds of pregnancy from an IUI.

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Baby Feeding

Mind Blown: Baby’s Food Allergies are Mapped Out in Your Umbilical Cord

New research has discovered that certain immune changes seen in cord blood are linked to later development of allergies in babies.

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Pregnancy News

What You Need to Know About Prescription Painkillers in Pregnancy

As many as 22% percent of pregnant women fill a prescription for an opioid every year. Health officials say this is way too much.

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Pregnancy Diet

Want to Lower Your Risk of Gestational Diabetes? Avoid this Food

Bad news for fry-lovers: A new study suggests that eating potatoes is linked with a higher chance of the pregnancy complication.

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Pregnant Sex & More

8 Surprising Truths About Sex After Baby

Truth #7: It may actually be better than you think. Actually, it might just be the best sex of your life.

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Video Shows What People Really Think About Breastfeeding in Public—and It's Shocking

A YouTube star filmed a public breastfeeding 'social experiment' and the reactions of some people might make you rage.

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