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Health and Development

Alert! Smoking Around Baby is Almost as Bad as Smoking While Pregnant

Secondhand smoke around your toddler is worse than we thought. And so is smokey clothing.

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Need a Spot to Nurse? There's an App for That

New app Moms Pump Here aims to help mothers ID a clean, pleasant place to pump and breastfeed. No more toilet stalls!

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Getting Pregnant

10 Easiest-to-Miss Signs of Early Pregnancy

Yes, there are ways to tell the difference between pregnancy and PMS during the dreaded two week wait.

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Celebrity 9 photos

8 Weird Celebrity Pregnancy Cravings

Are you craving what Blake Lively was craving? (Odds are not. She was very specific!) Here's what it means for you and baby.

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Labor and Delivery

How Many C-Sections Can You Safely Have?

Women have gone on to have 6 or more cesareans without complication. So is there ever such thing as too many?

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Pregnancy Diet

Pregnant? How to (Safely) Get Your Caffeine Fix

Do we hear the glorious jingle jingle of a tall iced coffee? Yes!

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7 Quirky Pregnancy Symptoms Explained

Have you noticed any of these strange—but common—pregnancy symptoms? Ever wonder why they happen?

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Celebrity 10 photos

It's Official! Hollywood's 10 Hottest Celebrity Dads

Happy Father's Day to us! These famous pops prove being a dad is sexy. Who's your favorite DILF (besides your guy, obvi)?

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