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Sick Adults Could Benefit From Drinking Breast Milk

New research out of the UK says a protein in breast milk not only helps babies, but could combat conditions like sickle-cell disease and cystic fibrosis. Would you try it?
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Trying to Get Pregnant? Eating Soy Can Help. Really.

A new study shows that this food, once discouraged in TTC women, can actually help offset the effects of BPA on fertility.

Eating Tuna While Pregnant Linked to Increased Brain Health

A tuna salad sandwich might not be the worst thing you can have while pregnant.

Listeria Outbreak Reported from Bagged Salad

Here's what you need to know about the scary news, especially if you're pregnant and bought salad by these brands.

Mind Blown: Baby’s Food Allergies are Mapped Out in Your Umbilical Cord

New research has discovered that certain immune changes seen in cord blood are linked to later development of allergies in babies.

Want to Lower Your Risk of Gestational Diabetes? Avoid this Food

Bad news for fry-lovers: A new study suggests that eating potatoes is linked with a higher chance of the pregnancy complication.

Chrissy Teigen is Making Her Junk Food Cravings Less Junky

The model found a healthier way to satisfy her pregnancy junk food cravings—and we’re totally copying it.

Would You Eat Your Own Placenta Like Kim Kardashian?

Hollywood swears by it, but scientists aren’t so sure…

The Verdict on Coco Austin's Pregnancy Weight Gain: Healthy or Not?

She gained just 13 pounds—but does this really matter?

Trying to Conceive? What Dad Eats Matters

A new study finds that how healthy a father is before the mom gets pregnant has long-lasting implications on Baby's well-being.

Failing to Lose Pregnancy Weight Puts Your Next Baby at Risk

If you're planning another little one, a new study says it might be best to wait until after you lose the pregnancy weight to conceive—for the sibling's sake.

Drinking Coffee While Pregnant Might Not Be so Bad—Really

Turns out all those things your mom told you about avoiding caffeine in pregnancy were based on some out-dated advice from the 1970s.

Upgrade Your Pregnancy Cravings: Why Balanced Snacking is More Important Than Ever

Craving that frosty with fries again? Totally cool to indulge sometimes in pregnancy. But here's why you might want to thrown in a chicken salad to that order.
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