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Cookbook Collection: Just Married and Cooking

This family cookbook includes over a hundred recipes for every day eating, designed to mix and match to suit your style.


Some cookbooks focus on a specific type of food or cooking technique while others are handy resource guides or teaching tools. Still others are pure entertainment and bring you into someone’s world through food and storytelling.

Very few manage to combine those elements, but Just Married and Cooking by writer Brooke Parkhurst and chef James Briscione does just that. 

Written during their first year of marriage (along with the arrival of sweet newborn baby Parker) this book is self-described as the "foodie soundtrack of their life.”

They include recipes and stories to commemorate events (such as a luscious New Baby Banana Pudding for Brooke’s first days as a new mom) as well as simple, healthy, seasonal recipes for both every day and entertaining.

Brooke and James give us a fun peek into their fabulous food-centric lives throughout. For example, while pregnant, Brooke craved grilled cheese so ferociously that the couple embarked on an experiment to craft The Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich (three variations included here).

Fun loving, party throwing people, you’ll wish you were invited to one of their backyard BBQs or to spend happy hour with them in their apartment!

While the title implies this book is tailored to newlyweds, it’s actually a practical guide for anyone who’s ever been confronted with the classic "what's for dinner dilemma." For some this moment hits post honeymoon, when the registry gifts are put away and you suddenly realize you'll be cooking dinner night after night after night for a long time. 

For others panic strikes when throwing your first party or hosting your first holiday together as a couple. For many (including myself) this moment comes after the baby’s may be tired and not eating out as often or just want to cook and eat together as a family. 

Just Married and Cooking is also great for the budding or aspiring home cook looking to up their game, with excellent technique tips, pantry and gear checklists, time saving secrets, a glossary of frequently used chef terms, and party planning advice.

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