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Getting Into Shape After Baby. Or Not.

My top four priorities when it comes to my body.


2. Getting into shape

By this I mean, being in good enough shape to chase after my Usain Bolt of a toddler, who literally screams “NEED RUN AROUND!” when he gets restless. We maintain a strict regiment of running, climbing, swinging and sliding. On indoor days, we must jump up and down for 30 minutes straight at the absolute minimum, including a session before and after nap.

3. Fitting into my prepregnancy jeans

This is important to me because I dislike shopping.

4. Encouraging my family to have a healthy lifestyle

A challenge, this one, since I’m always tired, love feeding them convenience good, and have never been a big athlete. I walked by an elementary school gym class the other day and had a panic attack. But never mind that. I try to encourage my kids to exercise in fun ways throughout the day, hoping against hope that bouncing on couch cushions to “Billie Jean” counts as cardio. I try to encourage healthy eating, by which I mean, not constantly consuming cookies.

In my gentle, non-celeb, non-office-attire world, this is enough. I might not ever look exactly how I did pre-babes, but that’s okay – that’s what armor-weight bras and tights and spanx are for. (OK, I don’t actually have Spanx, but I know they exist.) But what I do need to make priorities are fitness, healthy choices, and having a good body image. And the occasional cupcake with a neighbor. (Don’t worry, I took the stairs back down.)

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