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The Healthy Way to Shed Baby Weight

Avoid these 7 new-mom food traps for quick and effective weight loss.

Issue: Too Many Beige Foods      New-mom solution: Soon enough you’ll be imploring your toddler to eat a rainbow every day (think red strawberries, green beans and yellow squash), but that’s often tough to accomplish as a new mom. “Beige” foods like crackers, potato chips and granola bars are easy to grab but often lead to overindulgence.

“I call them ‘dry foods,’ ” says Behan. “They don’t have water or fiber, so they’re not filling.” To eat fewer calories and model good behavior, get in the habit of choosing colorful fruits and vegetables, which are naturally packed with water and fiber. Frozen fruits and vegetables can help save time in the kitchen. Or, try freeze-dried varieties.

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Debbie Koenig is the author of Parents Need to Eat Too (William Morrow Paperbacks). She lives in Brooklyn, N.Y., with her husband and son.

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