Postnatal Nutrition

Healthy Recipes For Nursing Moms

Nutrient rich breastfeeding-friendly recipes.

The Best Weight-Loss Tips for New Moms

Healthful eating is important for everyone, but it's especially critical if you've just had a baby.

Quick Meals for New Moms

Have a meal on the table in less than 30 minutes.

Getting Into Shape After Baby. Or Not.

My top four priorities when it comes to my body.

Pasta Perfect

Week 25: 1.28.08

The Healthy Way to Shed Baby Weight

Avoid these 7 new-mom food traps for quick and effective weight loss.

Eating Tips For Nursing Moms

Without enough fluids, you may not make enough milk.

Find Your Happy Weight After Baby

Tired of counting calories? Here's why making time to take care of yourself after baby is just as important as healthy eating and exercising when it comes to weight loss.

Weight Loss After Baby: How to Make It Happen

More and more new moms are struggling with weight loss, according to a new study. Here's how to drop the baby weight--for good!

What to Bring a New Mom

The perfect dish to make for a new mom

It's a Toss-Up: Serving Salad to Toddlers

09.08.10: Leo's 27th Month

Mom-Shaming Nursing Ad Needs to Lighten Up

The "Your Child Eats What You Eat" ad campaign from Brazil's Pediatric Society of Rio Grande (SPRS) serves up a heaping dose of making moms feel bad.

Jenna Dewan-Tatum Goes Gently Into New Motherhood

The animal-loving actress and new mom opens up to sister magazine Natural Health about motherhood, staying grounded, eating vegan and living out her life's true purpose.

Goldfish Crackers: The Makeover Edition

11.17.10: Leo's 30th Month

Nesting Recipe: Mini Meatballs and Alphabet Noodles

Inspiration from a can.

Is Breastfeeding Bad for Your Bones?

A new study shows that bone density declines the longer you breastfeed. But is there anything you can do about it and should this stop you from breastfeeding longer?

The Chicken Soup Cure

2.8.10: Leo's 20th Month

Nesting Recipe: Mango-Date Muesli with Almonds

Make breakfast, not preposterous claims

6 Tips to Trim the Fat

The latest weight-loss advice will have you back in pre-pregnancy shape in no time.

Nesting Recipe

11.07.11 Granola bar breakfast treats

Woman of Many Meals

Week 27.

Fast Fix: Turkey and Chive Meatballs

04.13.12 Remembering what is was like to know what was for dinner. Before 6:15 pm.

Childcare Trouble: Letting Our Nanny Go

2.16.10: Leo's 21st Month

The Mommy Growth Chart

Baby's 12th Month