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eating for two

Prenatal nutrition guidlines to keep your baby and you healthy

9. Never eat raw or undercooked animal foods>  Due to a somewhat depressed immune system, expectant women are more susceptible to the effects of food-borne illnesses. To prevent such illness, avoid raw or undercooked meat, sushi, seafood and eggs, which can harbor the listeria bacterium. Also avoid deli meats and hot dogs unless they’re heated to the point that they are steaming.

10. Avoid soft cheeses>  Listeria also can be carried in soft cheeses such as feta, brie, Camembert and blue-veined or Mexican-style cheeses. (Hard cheeses, processed cheeses, cream cheese and yogurt are OK to eat.) For more information on listeria, visit the Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Food Safety & Applied Nutrition Web site at www. and click on “Foodborne Illness.”