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Healthy, Easy Midday Meal Plans

Make time for a nutritious lunch to stay strong & grow a healthy baby.

Keeping your body satisfied with nutrient-rich foods means you’re less likely to reach for chips or a candy bar, and it can help manage pesky pregnancy symptoms, such as morning sickness. "Women might get nauseated if they go too long without food," says Norback. " A growing baby puts pressure against a mother's stomach, which makes it hard to eat large amounts of food at one sitting," she explains.

To help you get the most pregnancy bang for your brown bag buck, we've put together four delicious lunches that make it easy to get fiber, protein and other nutrients you need to grow a healthy baby — and will give you the energy to power through your day.

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By </em>Virginia I. Pelley<em>; Recipes by </em>Allison Young<em>; Photography by </em>Romulo Yanes

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