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Healthy, Easy Midday Meal Plans

Make time for a nutritious lunch to stay strong & grow a healthy baby.

Plain old crackers and cheese get a nutrition boost with these healthy bites. Cheese supplies protein and vitamin B12, which aids the production of your baby’s red blood cells. Avocado may help prevent morning sickness and contains vitamin E (another red-blood-cell builder) and folate. Eggs are rich in protein and choline, a B vitamin that helps build your baby’s brain and nervous cells. In addition, egg yolks provide zinc, which helps prevent preterm birth.

Bonus: Both avocado and cheese contain small amounts of hard-to-get vitamin D to boost calcium absorption in both you and your baby. In addition, multigrain crisp bread provides insulin-stabilizing fiber to keep your blood sugar levels up.

PACKING TIP: Boil eggs in advance (shells on, they keep in the fridge for a week). Assemble just before eating. Get the recipe >>

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By </em>Virginia I. Pelley<em>; Recipes by </em>Allison Young<em>; Photography by </em>Romulo Yanes

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