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How To Get the Vitamins You Need

A good prenatal vitamin helps you get necessary nutrients your diet may lack.


In combination with healthy eating, supplements are essential while you're pregnant. Here’s expert advice on how to choose prenatal vitamins to get the nutrients your body may lack. Plus, why getting the vitamins you need now benefits you but also your growing baby for the rest of her life.

Prenatal Vitamins Made Easy
When to start and what are the important vitamins and minerals.

The Facts On Folate
Why this vitamin is so important to your baby's health.

Top Pregnancy Nutrient: Folate
Getting enough of this B vitamin is more crucial than ever in preventing birth defects and prematurity. Here's what you need to know plus which foods are packed with folate.

What You Eat = Your Baby's Future
Good or bad, prenatal nutrition affects your baby well into adulthood.

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10 (surprising!) Prenatal Power Foods
Foods that provide the nutrition and vitamins you need for a healthy pregnancy.

Low Vitamin D Tied to Preeclampsia
Study suggests lack of "sunshine vitamin" plays a role in developing this pregnancy complication.

Nutrition Addition
Which foods provide the most benefits.

Mom’s Vitamin D Promotes Strong Teeth for Baby
Vitamin D is critical in the second trimester.

Babies Short on Vitamin D
Study says infants are not getting enough of the sunshine vitamin, regardless of how they're fed, and urge supplement.

Supplements: Needed or Not?
Whether you feed your baby breast milk or formula, new research shows he may need additional nutrients. Here’s the latest on four supplements.

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