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Your Guide to Healthier Pizza

Spin pizza into a prenatal-nutrition power house with these delicious recipes

Tex-Mex Pizza

With tomato salsa, beans and avocado, this pizza is like an open-faced quesadilla. Black beans are a low-fat source of protein and fiber, and avocado delivers folate, a B vitamin that helps prevent neural-tube defects. Avocado has also been linked to a reduction in morning sickness.
Prep: 20 min.  |  Cook: 15 min.  |  Serves: 4

Per serving: (2 slices)  565 calories,  20.5 g fat (7 g saturated fat),  20 g protein,  75 g carbohydrates,  12 g fiber,  930 mg sodium, 265 mg calcium,  5 mg iron,  260 mcg folate

Click here for the full Tex-Mex pizza recipe.

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