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The Pregnancy Complication You Never Think You'll Have

One mom found out late in her pregnancy that she had gestational diabetes and was shocked and in denial over her diagnosis … until she found the silver lining.

First Trimester Belly Fat Linked to Diabetes Risk

New research finds that women who start their pregnancy with fat around their middle are more likely to develop gestational diabetes. Here's how to minimize belly fat while gaining weight the healthy way.

Why It Might Be a Good Idea to Eat During Labor

New research says you don't have to fast while you're in labor anymore. You fuel-up for a marathon, why should giving birth be any different?

The Scary Reason You Should Aim for a Healthy BMI a Year After Birth

So there's another (completely horrifying) reason to shed your baby weight a year after giving birth. But don't worry: There are totally doable ways to make it happen.

Haters: Let Chrissy Teigen Crave Her Cereal in Peace!

The trolls weigh in on what kind of cereal she should be eating. If the girl wants Fruity Pebbles, the girl should have them.

Will Gaining Too Much Weight During Pregnancy Make Your Child Obese?

Curbing those cravings now could mean a difference between a healthy weight and obesity for your unborn kid.

Breast Milk: The New Super Drink?

New research shows human milk can actually help fight infections and heal wounds. Could there be a future market in adult consumption?

High Blood Sugar in Pregnancy Linked to Heart Defects—Even If You Don't Have Diabetes

Here's yet another reason to eat healthier in pregnancy—this time for the sake of your baby's heart.

Planning a Meatless Monday? Make Sure You're Getting This Vitamin First

A deficiency in this essential nutrient found in meat products can have serious and lasting effects on your baby. So why are so many pregnant women deficient in it?

Could Eating Organic Reduce Your Gestational Diabetes Risk?

Researchers find a scary link between pollutants found in food and diabetes in pregnancy.

Breastfeeding Ad Takes Mom-Shaming to a Whole New Rage-Inducing Level

Brazil's "Your Child Eats What You Eat" ads serve up a heaping dose of making moms feel bad, even if the intentions are good.

Is Your Pre-Pregnancy Diet Hurting Your Future Baby?

This popular healthy diet trend is easy to follow and could help you have a happier, healthier baby. But ya gotta start now.

10 Preg-Friendly Desserts That Are Secretly Healthy

These treats taste uhhh-mazing AND are loaded plenty of nutrients to nourish your growing sweetie. We won't tell if you won't.

Bad News: Drinking & Conceiving Don't Mix

If you're guilty of drinking & conceiving (aren't we all?), new research says you might want to switch to seltzer even before your ovulation day. Here's why.
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