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Nesting Recipes: Super-Power Freezer Waffles

Whole grains and honey for major morning fuel

Build a Better Breakfast: 12 Easy Oatmeal Add-ins

Full of fiber, iron and other essential nutrients, oatmeal is a great way to upgrade your breakfast.

Bread Salad

This veggie-packed salad will keep you full and satisfied for hours

Home-Style Chicken Soup

The perfect hot meal for the whole family

Banana Pancakes the Whole Family Will Love

These banana pecan buttermilk pancakes are perfect for Sunday breakfast. Bonus: They're sure to satisfy your pregnancy cravings.

The Red Quinoa Recipe You've Gotta Try

Daphne Oz, host of the Chew, shares her favorite healthy prenatal recipe: quinoa with caramelized carrots

Nutty Banana Cherry Kale Smoothie

Start your day with this refreshing recipe

Moroccan Lentil Soup

One of Daphne Oz's favorite prenatal recipes

Get Your Whole-Food Fix

How to get your healthy dose of fruits and veggies—no kitchen required

Sourdough Kale Strata

Perfect for any meal, this one-dish casserole of eggs and other goodies is a comforting and tasty way to get your protein

Curry Egg Salad Wraps

Fuel your pregnancy diet with a baby-benefiting dose of jazzed-up eggs

Shrimp Omelet with Mushrooms

This Asian style egg recipe, with bok choy and touches of sesame, is packed with flavor

Vegetarian Monte Cristo Sandwich

Give your repertoire of a healthy lunch ideas a delicious upgrade

The Pre-Pregnancy Diet Plan...For Him

Why your future baby’s daddy needs to eat more leafy greens.
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