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6 Steps to Stress-Free Travel

Rosie Pope, founder of the namesake maternity line, spills her secrets to happier holidays.


Kids make the holidays feel magical: they way they dash outside to catch the season’s first snowflake, the way they make you sound like the best baker in the world…Then, there’s traveling with them. Thirty two percent of people said they anticipated being stressed out by travel during the holidays, and 18% actually changed their plans to cut down on stress, according to a TripAdvisor survey. And we bet the numbers would be a lot higher if they only surveyed moms with young children.

"Travel causes anxiety for both kids and adults," says Michael Goldberg, PhD, child psychologist at Therapy West in New York City. The only difference is that adults have developed coping strategies, like creating a packing list, leaving early, or having a drink on the plane. "But young children haven't established their coping mechanisms yet, so they become restless and irritable."

Don’t let travel stress steal the cheer from the season. Here, Rosie Pope, of Rosie Pope Maternity, tells us how she gracefully jets around the globe—three kids in tow (soon to be four!).

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