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Why Kim Kardashian Says Pregnancy is "Worst Experience of My Life"

Like it or not, many moms will find some truth in Kim's words: No, pregnancy is not always a walk in a park. But is it worth it? Oh yes.
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Plus-Size Model Robyn Lawley's Attitude to her Post-Baby Body is One All Moms Should Copy

This Sports Illustrated stunner wants to teach her daughter that "strong is the new sexy."

Coco Austin Has a Tiny Baby Bump at 7 Months—and It's OK

Ice-T's better half has been proudly posting pregnancy selfies, despite heat for her tiny tum. She stands up for herself, and in doing so, all women.

Hayden Panettiere Says She Can Relate to Character's Postpartum Depression

The Nashville actress talks openly about postpartum depression, says "it's really scary" and "women need a lot of support."

Could This New Placenta Treatment Save Kim Kardashian's Fertility?

The superstar mom suffers from placenta accreta, which may mean she'll need a hysterectomy after she gives birth to her second child. But could a new surgical technique prevent that?

Coco Rocha Hits Back at Mean People Criticizing Her for Using Formula

The model posted on Instagram about her baby's formula on vacation, only to be slated by critics. Turns out she had good reason not to breastfeed, not that it's anyone's business.

Chrissy Teigen Opens Up About Fertility Issues (We Love Her Even More)

Her message to the world? Stop asking couples when they're having a baby, already. You don't know if they're already trying.

Fitness Model Who Lifted During Pregnancy Gives Birth to Healthy Twins

Remember this mom-to-be, who got a ton of flack for lifting weights through her pregnancy? She's back, with the twins to prove it's OK to be fit and pregnant.

Kim Kardashian Sports (Nearly) NSFW Gown to New York Fashion Week

The reality star's latest foray into maternity style at New York Fashion Week has us wondering: Does having a bump mean you have to cover up?

Is Ice-T's Coco Too Sexy for Her Pregnant Body?

Coco Austin—wife to rapper Ice-T—loves being pregnant ... and isn't afraid to show it off. So who cares if she bares it all?

Blake Lively's Diaper Bag Costs As Much As Your Rent—and It's Sold Out

When you think of diaper bags, you definitely think of imported zippers from Switzerland, right?

Surfer Bethany Hamilton Has Awesome Comeback to Baby Weight Questions

The inspiring surfer and survivor is our new favorite celeb mom.

Kim Kardashian Gets Brutally Honest About Her Fertility Problems

In a candid interview, the reality star opens up about the extent of her struggle to get pregnant a second time.

Keira Knightley (Finally) Unveils Baby Girl's Name—and It's So Her

Three months after her birth, the actress is finally ready to share her unique baby name. Would you choose it?

Kim Kardashian Breaks the Internet (Again) with Pregnant Nude Selfie

The star takes to Instagram to explain why she's had enough of pregnancy body shaming. And we agree with her.
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