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7 Swoon-Worthy Celebrity Dads

Move over star moms — it's all about star dads this week. With Father's Day coming up, here's a look at what these celebrities have to say about their most important role: being a dad.

The actor and father of three recently took a trip with his wife, leaving the kids at home. His reaction:

"It was very relaxing. I got off the plane and was like, "No car seats! No strollers! ... Where is everybody?"

Although they were flying solo, the children were definitely on his mind, especially life with three now:

"Right now there’s a whole lot of signs of me in all of them. It’s a colorful house that’s for sure! And having a little girl? Well, that's a constant honeymoon!"

He and wife Camila Alves have two sons, Levi (4) and Livingston (5 months), and a daughter, Vida (3).

Photo courtesy of Celebrity Baby Scoop.

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