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Alex Kingston: Calling Dr. Corday

When we asked Kingston about her real and fictional lives, both she and her ER alter ego were a week from delivering their first baby.


FP: How are you and Dr. Corday different in terms of your pregnancies?

AK: I’m more in tune and grounded. Corday isn’t as well informed about pregnancy as I think a doctor should be. Men also write the show, you see. But I’m doing my best to make her as calm and earthy as possible.

FP: Do people ever stop you on the street and ask for medical advice?

AK: Not on the street, but in fan mail. After our show about Mark’s brain surgery, a viewer who had a similar tumor called to ask about the controversial surgery we showed. They gave him the information, and suddenly he had a new option.

FP: Life imitates TV, but in a good way. How soon after you deliver do you go back to work?

AK: Well, there’ll be one last episode and then the hiatus. They’ve told me I don’t have to do that last episode unless I want to. Part of me feels I have to show up. But another part of me figures I’ve given them enough.

FP: Repeat after us: “Just say no.” Have you received any strange baby gifts?

AK: Just one. This furry bear that makes womb sounds. I think it’s kind of scary. I tried it on the dogs, and it freaked them out.

FP: Believe the dogs. What’s your favorite pregnancy moment?

AK: All of it. It was hard for us to get pregnant, so I’ve welcomed every bit, even morning sickness. I could go a month longer just celebrating being pregnant. And I’m really enjoying my belly. I know I’m going to miss it when it’s gone.     
  — Celeste Fremon


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