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Alyssa Milano: Pregnant and Embracing Every Minute of It

The actress, about to be a mama of two, dishes with Fit Pregnancy’s editor in chief and soon-to-be mom of three, Laura Kalehoff, about this happy, hectic, hormonal time.

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Alyssa Milano pregnant

Even if you just landed in Los Angeles’ Milk Studios from the moon, you’d realize one thing immediately: Alyssa Milano, radiant in her second trimester, is no rookie to pregnancy. Her megawatt Samantha Micelli grin is as genuine as ever. Yet now she’s the wise, efficient and utterly smitten mom of Milo, who turns 3 this August. She arrives at the shoot in comfy maternity jeans, a white tee and a melon-colored jacket, kicks off her made-for- walking Pertini suede oxfords and settles right into the hair-and-makeup chair. She’s been up since sunrise with Milo and has already had pineapple and cottage cheese for breakfast—why linger over the buffet table? When her publicist, who is also pregnant (between the three of us moms-to-be, there’s enough estrogen coursing through studio 3 to power all the lights on set) mentions taking a childbirth class, Milano laughs knowingly: “You’ll forget everything you learned as soon as you get to the hospital.” And while many cover models like to break for lunch, Milano opts to shoot straight through so she can wrap up early and get home to her little man. “Someone said a wise thing to me when I was pregnant with Milo,” she remembers. “‘Savor this pregnancy, because it’s entirely about this baby, but your second pregnancy will still be about this baby who will already have been born.’ That’s super true.”

In addition to squeezing in QT with Milo and her hubby, Hollywood agent David Bugliari, Milano is running her own sort of amazing race before her due date. First up: Complete shooting season two of ABC’s primetime soap, Mistresses, playing Savannah Davis. Then she’ll be in New York City judging season four of Lifetime’s Project Runway All Stars. “I’m mentally preparing to be working pretty much until the end of this pregnancy,” she says. All while managing a renovation on their home outside Los Angeles; Milano will have a month in the house before she delivers her daughter in early fall. Whew! Milano and I, due weeks apart, talked about embracing the pregnancy pounds, saying “heck, yes!” to the epidural and discovering a love like none other.

LAURA KALEHOFF:   So how are you feeling? When you’re pregnant, everyone asks how you’re feeling, but how are you really feeling? Truth!

ALYSSA MILANO:   I feel good, but I’m tired, and I don’t know if that’s the pregnancy or because I’ve been working so much.

LK:   Well, it’s different the second time around, too, because you’re chasing a toddler.

AM:   Yeah, and I had morning sickness this time, but it went away right at 12 weeks. With Milo, I didn’t have a minute of morning sickness. So I knew it was going to be a girl.

LK:   Congrats! There are women who love being pregnant and women who hate it. What camp are you in?

AM:   I love it. I don’t think it’s as romantic as we project it to be through the media, but I think what the body goes through is miraculous. It’s such a cool thing to experience. I feel blessed that I’m getting another chance to do it, especially at 41.

LK:   I think when you already have a kid, you feel even more grateful, because you know you’re getting to create another amazing little human. Still, it’s not all sunshine. Have you had any quirky symptoms? I’ve had the weirdest dreams.

AM:   My dreams are crazy vivid. It’s probably because we’re only sleeping for short stretches. The peeing at night is pretty miserable. I counted: Last night I got up six times between 11 p.m. and 7:15 a.m.

LK:   And then there’s the kicking. Have you felt her move?

AM:   Yes, starting at about 16 weeks.

LK:   I’ve barely felt anything yet. Turns out I have an anterior placenta—it’s in front of the baby and cushions the kicks. I miss them!

AM:   And how weird is it after you give birth, not feeling the kicks anymore?


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