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Behind the Scenes with Cover Model Ali Landry

Mom Ali Landry has beauty, brains and a passion for motherhood.


It could be intimidating to speak with a woman who is not only a former Miss USA winner, but also an accomplished actress and entrepreneur. But Ali Landry is so down-to-earth that you’ll soon find yourself swapping breastfeeding stories or sharing a favorite recipe for one of her hometown favorites, jambalaya.

The 39-year-old Louisiana native now calls Los Angeles home with her husband, director Alejandro Gomez Monteverde, and their two children, Estela, 6, and Marcelo, 21 months. With a third baby on the way (UPDATE: it’s a boy!), Landry is keeping busy as the host of TV Guide Network’s Fashion Wrap as well as launching a new mom-focused website,

“I feel like I am most creative when I’m expecting,” she says. Here, Landry dishes on her new business venture, her obsession with lime sherbet and why she loves childbirth.

Fit Pregnancy | What surprised you the most about your first pregnancy?

Ali Landry | Being in an industry in which a lot of the attention is focused on your physical state, you’re acutely aware of your body image. But I really embraced the changes in my body when I was expecting. I accepted that the number on the scale was only going up and that was OK. In fact, I had never been so in tune with my body and what it needed; i.e., if I was tired, I would rest. Never before in my life had I done that.

I also had no idea how much I would enjoy the birthing process. I love labor and delivery! I had an epidural, but I was still able to experience my contractions. When it came time to push, I felt I knew exactly what to do. I also like going to the hospital because I like being pampered. I like when people bring me things and being well taken care of. As a woman, you feel guilty about so many things, and in that situation you can’t really feel guilty—you just had a baby!


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