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the big time

Malcolm in the Middle’s Jane Kaczmarek gets real.


I’ve gone back to the Pilates class I took when I was pregnant with my daughter. And I walk. Brad is much more of a workout person. He wakes up every morning and does his yoga and can’t go to bed without doing some kind of exercise. I think it’s a pretty good day if I can get through it without lifting a finger.

When do you start filming Malcolm again?

In about two weeks. We take our hiatus around Halloween, and the baby’s due around Thanksgiving. But my son came a month early, and Halloween will be about eight months ...

We see they’re going to write your pregnancy into the show.

Yeah. Last time they didn’t, so they were always having me hold really big frying pans.

This time you’ll be carrying a baby.

Right. Soon Malcolm really will be in the middle.

Are you having food cravings with this pregnancy?

Last week I had a thing for Waldorf salad. I was buying groceries and saw it at the deli counter and got a pint. When I got home, I had a bite or two and thought, “Well, that’s awfully good.” And I ate all of it. But my old standby is Spam. There’s the salt, and it’s just so darned flavorful! I grew up on Spam.

What about nesting? Have you gone nuts decorating the baby’s room?

You know, I really fixed that room up before my daughter was born, which was before Malcolm. I had a lot of time, so I sewed the drapes, and I sewed the valances. It’s sweet, looking back on those days before Malcolm and The West Wing. I remember it was really hot that year, and Brad borrowed a window air conditioner for our bedroom. Now we have central air and life has changed …

... just a tad.

Yep. Just a tad. Anyway, this baby will have his or her own room. And our other two will share a room. We’re all

doubling up for a while.

What are your favorite post-Malcolm luxuries?

I have a bidet now. I live for my bidet. You want to save some time in your life? Get a bidet. This is my favorite thing in the household. You can wash your feet in it. The kids like it because it’s low. So they wash their hands in there. It’s a great invention. I’m serious.

Do you have mood swings?

Only when I read the front page of The New York Times.

Do people confuse Brad with his character?

Oh, yeah. They’ve asked him to run for office. I’ve said, “Oh, right. You can run for office when the kids are in college.

What about you? Do you mind being mistaken for Lois?

No—I love Lois! I’ve never found anything she’s done to be outrageous. The writers always find a way of showing that she cares about those kids. I can’t imagine having four children, three of them at home, that close in age, of the same sex, with no one to help.


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