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Celebrity New Moms

Jessica Biel, Isla Fisher, Rachael Leigh Cook, Molly Sims, Carrie Underwood, Blake Lively and others welcomed babies recently: Find out which celebs just had a baby!


She's our in-house celebrity mom. Fit Pregnancy's Editor in Chief Laura Kalehoff gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on September 19!  Little Marlon is Laura's third child, with her husband, Max Kalehoff.  

"I joke that [pregnancy] was an occupational hazard of being the editor of this magazine, but really, I took the helm at Fit Pregnancy specifically because I think having a baby is pretty much the pinnacle of life experiences," she wrote in a recent editor's letter, where she also announced her pregnancy. In the spirit of our #ILoveMyBump social media campaign, Laura has been sharing her personal journey on Instagram using the hashtag #FitPregBump (a recent fun example: this adorable photo of her at 38 weeks).  And soon, you can follow Laura's experiences with her new bundle of joy on Instagram using the hashtag #FitPregBaby.

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