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Celebrity Pregnancies

Anne Hathaway, Seth Meyers, Ginnifer Goodwin, Soliel Moon Frye, Melissa Rycroft, Rose Byrne, JWoww, Kelly Clarkson, Mark Zuckerberg, Evangeline Lilly, Kim Kardashian and other celebs are pregnant. Who's due next?


Alexis Bledel, better known by some as Rory Gilmore (her character on cult-favorite show Gilmore Girls), is expecting a baby with husband Vincent Kartheiser, otherwise known as Pete Campbell in Mad Men. The couple is famous for keeping things under wraps, getting married in a hushed ceremony in California in 2014, and this pregnancy is no different. "They don't want a lot of people to know," a source told Celebuzz. "Only close friends and family know about the baby."


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