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Texas born and raised, Dayna Devon started her television career as a newscaster, then landed the coveted job of co-anchor on Extra in 1999. Dayna, 35, who covers major Hollywood events such as the Academy Awards and Emmys, regularly gets to interview show-business royalty like Brad Pitt, Gwyneth Paltrow and Will Smith. But the thrill of rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous pales in comparison to her excitement about becoming a new mom. She and her husband, Brent Moelleken, a plastic surgeon, are eagerly expecting a daughter in October 2005.

 >How has your pregnancy gone so far?

It’s been a dream. I didn’t have much morning sickness, just the occasional car sickness—really nothing at all. I didn’t like chicken for a time, but other than that I have been fine. Since I didn’t have any nausea, I’ve had to watch my weight gain, though.

>How has it felt to be scrutinized from head to toe by millions of viewers?

Hard. I won’t lie. I’ve gained a lot in my face, and you can’t hide that with a camera angle. On top of that, you gain a huge basketball but try to look fashionable, hip and sexy! Sometimes it’s hard to remind yourself that this is beautiful and natural. Hopefully, the women out there are rooting for me.

>Do you feel immense pressure not to gain a lot of weight since you are on camera?

I’ve had to watch what I eat pretty closely to try to stay in shape for a national television show. It’s been tough. I talked with some actresses about this. Many use pregnancy as a break since they’ve had to keep such a close eye on their weight for so long. But every single one of them who really put on the pounds will show me a huge stretch mark or a place on their body that hasn’t recovered, and they say if they could do it again, they wouldn’t gain so much weight.

>What have you done to stay fit?

My husband makes me walk to my meals out. Last weekend I swear I walked 20 miles. He calls it the Brent Boot Camp. I am a runner, but I haven’t been doing it during my pregnancy. It just feels like too much impact on my joints.

>Any tricks for staying balanced with such an intense schedule?

I take a nap every day. Even on days when I am feeling really good, I force myself to sit down and rest. It helps me avoid the crash–and–burn. I’ve also really tried to keep an eye on the sugar.

>How else have you altered your diet?

I’ve been drinking more soy milk for protein. I’ve read a lot about antioxidants lately, so I am trying to eat different colors of food. I eat a ton of spinach, tomatoes and carrots. On Sundays, I’ll cut up red and green peppers for snacks. I also eat an apple a day, which I think has helped me avoid constipation. I’m trying not to eat things in packages—like Fritos. I’ve completely cut out artificial sweeteners and I haven’t had a headache since. But occasionally, I do have to have a cupcake—and I will cry if I don’t get one.


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