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Frederique, frankly


FP: Frosted?

F: No, no. Never frosted.

FP: Thank heaven. Clearly cereal is your security food. All right, how about mood swings? Anything memorable?

F: The littlest thing can put you off. I tell my boyfriend, Nickolas, “Take out the garbage.” And if he doesn’t, I completely flip out. Or like this weekend, I was looking for houses with my brother and a broker, and I started laughing about something. Then the laughing went over into crying — I mean, for no reason. I could tell the broker thought, “This girl’s a mental case.” But it’s OK to lose your head a little bit. American working women have to be so controlled. I notice it in myself. If you flip out, so what?

FP: Since you’re a model, have you taken nude pictures of your gorgeous, pregnant self?

F: Not yet. But I want to. I was thinking of doing it with someone like Helmut Newton to really go over the top. I’m also doing something with a filmmaker friend. We took videos in front of the mirror when my stomach was flat, then more as the changes began to happen.

FP: You know, of course, that all these photos and videos will totally mortify your kid when he or she becomes a teen-ager. We speak from experience here.

F: [laughing] The pregnant body is an art piece, so I’ll just have to take that chance.              



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