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The model mom serves up great advice for pregnant women.


Any plans for the baby's name? We don't know the sex of the baby; we are waiting for the surprise, but Reece helped choose a name. Both Laird and I have the name Jo/Joe in our families, so that's the middle name, whether it's a boy or girl. My daughter is convinced it's a boy, so she wants to name the baby Wilde Joe Hamilton. Given the nature of our family, especially Laird, it actually fits. So if it's a boy, Reece can name him. She tried to convince me to name a girl that too, but I had to explain that Wilde is not the best name for an 18-year-old girl.

What kind of father is Laird? He is a great dad. I think it may be hard for Reece with Laird as her standard. He's already put her on a surfboard, and she can drive a full-size jet ski 25 mph by herself. Dads often show you how to take risks, and I love that he teaches her to be intelligent about it, so she enjoys it and is neither fearful nor foolhardy. Another thing I love about being with him, and I am sure Reece feels the same thing, is that he's emotionally present. He sends love directly our way. Reece and Laird are very similar and speak the same language. It's great to watch. It's harder at the beginning, as the dad is often on the outside and that's a tough place to be. Now, they have a great love affair that you pray for all daughters to have with their dads.

Has your own relationship with your husband changed? Absolutely. It makes you realize how much time you did have together. If you are going to make it, you have to be better communicators. As you get closer as a family, you have to work harder as a man and woman.

How has motherhood affected you? You really learn to be unselfish when you are someone's mom.

How does your daughter feel about the new baby? So far Reece is really keyed up. I had to go away recently and she was on the phone saying, "Can you tell baby I miss it." She talks to my stomach a lot and asks me what the baby is saying. I tell her it's laughing. I think she'll be excited when the baby arrives. It has a lot to do with her age. She has been indulged with time and attention, so she's not starving for that. As long as she gets her quality time with dad, she'll be OK.

Any plans for more? Oh, I don't know ... I'll have to see in two years what life is all about, but I don't think so. We have two now [Laird's daughter Izabela from a prior marriage]. If this is a girl, we'll have three daughters.

Do you think Laird wants a boy? I think he's OK either way. Reece is enough like a boy. But it would be nice for him to have a testosterone ally, so they can look at each other and say, "They're crazy." But I think he enjoys being the king of the castle with all the angels fluttering around.

Any messages for your new baby? When I'm pregnant I tell my baby, "Be happy and healthy, and I am going to do the best I can."


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