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Green Anatomy

Actress Jessica Capshaw knows the importance of staying healthy—and chemical-free—for her baby.


Q| How are you preparing Luke for a sister?

A| We’ve been making a book for him with pictures of him when he was a baby, of me when I was pregnant, and we try to make sure we’re not preparing him for a negative experience, like “Oh, it’s going to be hard to share with the baby.” Instead, we talk about how it’s a privilege to be a big brother; not everyone gets to be one.

Q| You come from a big family. What have you learned from it, from watching your mom?

A| I think it’s most important to honor each child’s uniqueness. In my family, we had two or three “funny” ones and a couple of “serious” ones. But it’s also crucial to make each child feel a part of the family and feel a responsibility to the family, and be aware of his place and his contribution. It’s so vital for their self-esteem.

Q|  What kind of parents are you and Christopher? Do you play strict parent/easy parent?

A| It’s funny—and it was like this even when we were dating—Christopher and I sort of pass the baton back and forth. So there’s really not a set situation where I’m the one who disciplines, or he is. And there will be times when, I explain patiently, “You can do it this way, or you can do it that way. Which would you choose?” Over and over. And the child just isn’t understanding. So Christopher will put on his “Daddy” voice (or I will) and say, “OK, that’s enough, you are doing it this way.” Luke will ask, “Why?” and we put on our parenting voices and say, “Because I said so.”

Q| Have you decided if you’ll breastfeed?

A| With Luke, I breastfed for three months, and it was a tough go. I’m definitely going to try it again. I completely support breastfeeding, of course. But I also know that every woman is different, and you have to do what works for you. That’s what will also be best for the baby.

Q| So, what about after the baby’s born? Will you come back to work?

A| Yes, I like working. And I want to explore some opportunities. First, I think there is room for more great maternity clothes, I’d love to come up with a bundle of simple pieces that you could match with your own clothes. There’s a lot out there already, but I want to do that, too.

Also I ‘m looking at doing something with nursery. Safe, clean simple items that you fell good about putting your baby next to. So many of the cheaply made pieces are filled with flame retardants and other chemicals.

Q| How different are you from Arizona, your character on Grey’s Anatomy?

A| Well, I’m not in a same-sex relationship, and I’m married, so sometimes I have to think about whether I’m getting it right or not. But I’ve learned a lot from Arizona; she has taught me how to set boundaries. I always think I have to be so nice, and keep being nice. Arizona will start out nice, then she’ll say, “No, I’m not going to do that.” It’s helping me do that in my own life. 

It’s a girl for Jessica Capshaw and Christopher Gavigan! The couple welcomed Eve Augusta on October 20th. Congratulations Jessica! 


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