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The Green Queen

Why TV host Sara Snow doesn’t worry about germs.



Sara Snow, 33, is the TV host of Discovery’s Get Fresh with Sara Snow and Living Fresh and the author of Sara Snow’s Fresh Living (Bantam Dell). Snow grew up green, in a family devoted to organic and sustainable living, long before it was popular (her dad, Tim Redmond, co-founded Eden Foods). She and her husband, Ryan Snow, are expecting their first baby, a girl, in June. Snow spoke to Fit Pregnancy from her home in Indianapolis.

Q| How happy are you to be pregnant? I know you two have been trying for a while.

A| We started trying about six years ago, but we took breaks because it’s hard on a relationship when that becomes a single focus. It really came down to me making some lifestyle changes. I was doing live TV news and getting up at 3 a.m. every day. Three different doctors (including my OB-GYN) told me I wasn’t getting pregnant because I was lacking sleep and energy, so I left that job. I’d worked hard for it! But then I got the idea for the green living show for Discovery. It was such a peaceful transition, it felt like what I was supposed to do.

We went through all the fertility testing, and both checked out OK, but I had some wacky hormone levels. So I turned to acupuncture and herbal remedies to regulate what was going on inside my body. All the while I was trying to get pregnant, a sage acupuncturist friend told me: “Meditate on the spirit of your child and tell her or him that you are ready.” So, every morning during my usual meditation time, I pictured this blonde baby girl; that was the image in my head, always.

I was starting to think my body just wasn’t meant to be pregnant. I knew I wouldn’t do the synthetic hormone treatment, so we planned to adopt within a certain time frame—and that’s when it finally happened. When I got my first positive pregnancy test I knew that baby girl had finally decided to come to me. I was ready—my body was ready, and she knew that we were ready for her. I believe it was a big thing in my ability to finally get pregnant.

Q| Have you had any cravings?

A| It’s kind of boring, because I have really healthy ones—I crave cooked vegetables! Zucchini, spinach—something cooked and green with every meal. I know people want to hear that I’m dying to go to McDonald’s. I have had a wicked sweet tooth, but having a little dark chocolate or a piece of hard candy or a fruit Popsicle has been enough.

Q| Are you exercising? 

A| I was walking on the treadmill; now I’m mostly doing yoga and going to the gym and doing the bike and elliptical. I do something every day, even if it’s just walking my dog. 


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