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Ivanka's in Charge

Meet the mommy mogul, style icon, and a true expert in the art of work-family balance.


FP:  Are you craving anything in particular this pregnancy?

IT:  I don’t have a sweet tooth normally; I’m a salty-savory girl. But when I’m pregnant, almost as a ritual, at 4 o’clock, I’ll have cookies-and-cream ice cream!

FP:  How are you staying fit?

IT:  I try to get in four days a week of exercise: two days in the gym and two days of sports, such as golf, swimming or tennis. At the gym, I’ll stick to a mix of yoga and Pilates or, when I’m traveling for work, I’ll do an interval workout on the treadmill. One of the reasons we created Trump Wellness was so that people staying at our hotels could continue their healthy lifestyle while on the road. We teamed up with Under Armour to provide sneakers, exercise gear and free weights that guests can use during their stay. We also rolled out menus of healthy foods for kids and adults, as well as those who have dietary restrictions.

FP:  Whatever you’re doing is working; you look amazing. Do you have a go-to work outfit?

IT:  Not usually, but during the last month of pregnancy you have almost no options. By the end, I felt like if I never saw a black wrap dress again it would be too soon! I’m sympathetic to working moms now as well. From a style perspective, I’m much less fussy. I get dressed very quickly and I usually have one eye on the makeup mirror and one eye on Arabella, who is likely playing with seashells on my bathroom floor. I also pamper myself a lot less.

FP:  What are you doing differently this pregnancy than your first?

IT:  When I was pregnant with Arabella, I probably read 50 books on pregnancy and parenting. In retrospect, I could have thrown 25 percent of them out the window. You really don’t need to study how to change a diaper. As a new mom, you learn pretty darn quickly! I found that for the most part, you just figure it all out.

FP:  What was your first labor like?

IT:  I woke up in the middle of the night and went on WebMD because I felt uncomfortable, but I couldn’t tell if I was in actual labor. The word contraction has a very specific meaning and what I was experiencing didn’t feel like one. I thought I had heartburn! I then called the hospital and described my symptoms to a nurse and she said, “You may want to come in now.” I had Arabella two hours later!


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