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Jewel: Sweet & Wild With Child

The sultry singer's life is everything she ever wanted, and it still amazes her.


FP: What is your favorite way to relax?

Jewel: I had this vision that I would take guitar lessons; I would like to get better at it, thinking, “Oh, I have 9 months at home.” But as it turns out, I’ve been busy traveling and working on the record, now getting ready for the show premiering. And also are rebuilding out home, so I’m busier than I thought I would be.

I am moving a lot slower, and I sleep a lot more. I lay around on the couch and read, a lot.

FP: What are you reading?

Jewel: Lots of baby books, they are piled all over my bed. Books about feeding and sleeping, including Jo Tantum’s Baby Secrets and Ever Since I Had my Baby, by Roger Goldberg, M.D. It explains your options in childbirth and how to best protect your pelvic floor from damage. It’s also helpful information for women who may have already suffered any ill effect “down there” from childbirth. Missy Lavender’s website [] is also a great resource for women who want to learn about pelvic health. I think this topic is not talked about and it can be so devastating.

FP: What are you looking most forward to about motherhood?

Jewel: The newness of it, it’s a completely new chapter in our lives. I’ve put everything else on hold; and I don’t know whether I will want to work afterward or not, and either will be just fine. I just want to give myself time to adjust without the pressure of a tour.

FP: What kind of mom do you think you’ll be?

Jewel: You don’t really know until you get there, but I think I will be the strict one. You’d think my husband would be strict; he’s very manly and tough and all his family is too, but I think he’ll be the spoiler, while I keep the big picture in mind and manners, etc. It’s such an interesting adventure. It’s like art – you have to invent it as you go.

FP: And you say you are planning to breastfeed?

Jewel: We plan on it. I was ranch raised, I personally believe in it because I’ve seen what it does for animals and I saw what a calf did on the bottle. But I don’t have any judgment about it and I don’t think it should be contentious—I see great moms both ways. It’s amazing how intolerant the discussions on the Internet can be.

FP: What’s your best advice for first-time moms?

Jewel: Knowledge really is power. The more you can educate yourself, the better. Your body and your health are your responsibility. I love doctors, but I have to live with the decisions I make. Make sure you get your questions answered, and never feel that you are doubting your doctor by asking a question—a good doctor won’t feel that way, either.

And enjoy every minute, it really is fleeting.

Check out our behind-the-scenes video to hear in her own words how she's feeling as she nears the finish line of her pregnancy.

It's a boy! Jewel and her husband Ty Murray welcomed a son, Kase Townes Murray, on Monday, July 11 in Texas. Congratulations!


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