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Kelli Williams: Practice Makes Perfect

While actress Kelli Williams was expecting in real life, so was Lindsay Dole, the character she plays on the award-winning TV show The Practice.

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FP: Are you one of those pregnant women who are prone to crying jags?

KW: I don’t have big mood swings, but when I get overtired, I start crying. Anything can trigger it. Actually, nothing can trigger it. It’s like Holly Hunter in Broadcast News …

FP: … where she schedules a good cry, once a day, whether she needs it or not?

KW: Exactly. It doesn’t take much, even when I’m not pregnant. I’m convinced that I’ve been hired for jobs because I can cry on cue.

FP: Have you been nesting much?

KW: Not really. I’m a little strange. Whenever I get pregnant, I get the urge to go to college.

FP: Say what?

KW: I don’t know what it is. Something about not wanting to be insulated by this business or wanting more brain power. I’m taking a psychology class right now. When I was pregnant with Kiran, I took Spanish. At this rate, if I want enough credits for a degree, I’ll have to have a lot more children.

FP: What’s your favorite trimester?

KW: The fourth. I believe the first few months after your child is born are still part of pregnancy. I love that time when all you want to do is cocoon with your baby in your own little world, when you carry them around all the time in a little pouch or sling. So, yeah, the fourth trimester: That’s my favorite.             

— Celeste Fremon


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