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Daphne Oz: Pregnant and Loving It

Ready to relish every minute of your pregnancy? The Chew’s radiant host shows you how to seize this awesome time.

Matt Jones
Daphne Oz pregnant

It’s a stormy day in New York City, but Daphne Oz is beaming. On a busy day of from shooting ABC’s food-focused talk show The Chew, she’s sitting in a photo studio crafting an email to her sister while her blond streaked hair is pinned into loops that will soon be luxurious waves, her aqua eyes are getting the smoky treatment and her toes are receiving final touches from a pedicurist. Meanwhile, she’s instructing her makeup artist on precisely what she’d like done with the three bottles of Armani foundation she brought with her: Mix those two shades, please, plus the shimmer, exactly this way, thank you.

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Oz’s directness, drive and integrity have helped her achieve success before she’s even hit her 30th birthday. In fact, the 28-year-old has been juggling business and fun since college: Not content to be known only as the daughter of Dr. Oz, America’s favorite integrative heart surgeon, she parlayed her own experience dropping several sizes while at Princeton (no, really—she weighed 180 at age 17) into a book, The Dorm Room Diet, in 2006. She became a cohost of The Chew  when it premiered in 2011, then wrote the best-selling cookbook and lifestyle guide Relish: An Adventure in Food, Style, and Everyday Fun last year.

But just when you want to grumble with envy at her extreme togetherness, she’ll utter something that sounds like it could have come from your quirky best girlfriend. She’ll cite a recipe’s main selling point as the fact that “you can’t f--- it up— sorry, screw it up.” (It’s this Moroccan lentil soup with sweet potato recipe) She’ll share some graphic advice she got from a doula about vaginal massage. (“It’s apparently really helpful in avoiding an episiotomy, which is top on my list of things to avoid.”) She’ll switch the photo shoot music from chilled-out Fleetwood Mac to Jay Z’s bumping “Holy Grail.” She’ll take the extensions out of her hair to simplify matters.


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