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Daphne Oz: Pregnant and Loving It

Ready to relish every minute of your pregnancy? The Chew’s radiant host shows you how to seize this awesome time.

Matt Jones
Daphne Oz pregnant

Now six months pregnant with her frst child (she and her business student husband John Jovanovic aren’t fnding out the sex), Oz is learning to apply her balanced, savvy-yet-not-too-serious philosophy to a whole new side of life … good news, since the couple wants seven kids. Here, she shares her secrets for feeling her best and making the most of every aspect of her pregnancy. Try them yourself!


Trust in your body’s ability to do this.

“The best advice I got early in my pregnancy was from my dad. He said, ‘You should and can read tons of information about what’s best for your baby—the sleep and the diet and everything. But you just have to trust that a lot of it is intuitive. Your body will signal to you what you need.’ And when it comes to actually giving birth, I think a lot of it is mental: If you breathe and realize that this is something your body is meant to do, it will happen.”

Love your figure, finally.

“Being pregnant has changed the way I see myself. On the show yesterday we had two Victoria’s Secret models, and I was like, ‘Ha-ha, I don’t have to worry about looking like that!’ I definitely would not have been happy if they had been there before I was pregnant.”

Calm down about working out.

“My doctor said I could do anything I’d been doing to stay in shape as long as I could keep up a conversation during it. But I’m not very good at moderation when it comes to exercise—I need to really sweat to feel like I did anything worthwhile. So I gave up my normal running and Spinning workouts. Instead, I’m walking 3 to 5 miles a day and doing leg and butt and arm exercises. I want to stay in shape because I want the baby to be healthy. But when I see pregnant women in full workout gear, I’m like, ‘How do you have the energy?’ I applaud them, but that’s just not how I can live right now.”

Document the fascinating changes.

“This process has gone so fast. I can’t believe I’m at 27 weeks already. So every three weeks or so, I take a picture on my iPhone of myself in the same position. I also keep a journal, noting things like when the baby moves. It also gets your feelings out—a great stress reliever.”


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