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Daphne Oz: Pregnant and Loving It

Ready to relish every minute of your pregnancy? The Chew’s radiant host shows you how to seize this awesome time.

Matt Jones
Daphne Oz pregnant

Eat what you’ve simply got to have.

“Here’s what’s funny about cravings: For me, they’re so varied. I will die for a piece of fried chicken or a bagel or pizza sometimes. But other days, I want grapefruit, quinoa or kale salad. I’ve been paying attention to what my body wants and not overthinking what I’m supposed to be eating. So I get a good balance of the nutritious and the indulgent. I’ll have the fried chicken but not every day.”

Have sex—confidence makes it hotter!

“Having experienced real body insecurity as a teenager, I only fully came to appreciate how carefree and in love with my body I could be once I got pregnant. All my inhibitions are gone. You’re not thinking, How does my stomach look? You’re thinking, I’m pregnant, and all this voluptuous glory is up in your business.”

Amp up your energy.

“Collapse on the couch if you have to— that’s key. But when I really need to keep going, nuts are a great energy-boosting food. I’ll also do almond butter on toast or cheese with apples. Anything with protein will give you a boost.”

Perfect your five-minute face.

“You don’t know how your routine is going to change once the baby comes. I used to be a smoky-eye girl, but now I just use Armani foundation and Clé de Peau under-eye concealer—it’s eight hours of sleep in a tube. After that, two coats of mascara and a bright lipstick—done.”


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