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Daphne Oz: Pregnant and Loving It

Ready to relish every minute of your pregnancy? The Chew’s radiant host shows you how to seize this awesome time.

Matt Jones
Daphne Oz pregnant

Make the nursery a place where you want to hang out.

“My mom and I are having so much fun decorating the nursery. No sharp angles, no bright colors, everything muted, everything cream and white. Nice textures, like furry things and soft things. I’m making sure I’m creating a space I want to be in, because this is where I’ll be spending all my time. I want it to feel luscious but not too cluttered.”

Reconsider your beauty routine.

“When I frst found out I was pregnant, I jettisoned as many of my toxic beauty and cleaning products as I could. Now I only use coconut oil to take my makeup of at night. It’s antimicrobial, moisturizing and safe for the baby.”

Blend up breakfast.

“I have a smoothie every morning. Before I was pregnant, I couldn’t have cared less about breakfast and I loved dinner. Now I eat, like, four breakfasts. Smoothies are an easy way to get a huge dose of nutrition; I blend up yogurt, kale, sour cherries, faxseed and almond butter.”

Bask in all the special treatment.

“We take a week off from taping The Chew  every few weeks, and when we come back everyone’s always like, ‘Can we touch your stomach?’ To see fully grown men—Mario Batali and Michael Symon and Clinton Kelly—going nuts over a baby bump is so sweet. Carla Hall is always texting me, like, ‘I had a dream about the baby!’ Everyone treats you diferently in the best way possible.”


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