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Daphne Oz: Pregnant and Loving It

Ready to relish every minute of your pregnancy? The Chew’s radiant host shows you how to seize this awesome time.

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Daphne Oz pregnant

Share those kicks with your partner.

“At frst, I forgot that John was not experiencing the kicks and things every day like I was. I try to keep him apprised of what’s going on and let him feel movements. Of course, the baby always scuttles to the back the minute I do that!”

Relax. No, really.

“My dad is in the camp of: Look at how cultures have been giving birth for years. It’s highly unlikely all the Japanese women stopped eating fsh and drinking tea. It’s highly unlikely all the French women stopped drinking wine and eating raw cheese. People do safe, smart things, but they don’t completely uproot their lives. My mother and grandmother told me: ‘Relax, enjoy it, go take a nap.’ ”

Show off that bump.

“I grew up overweight, so I anticipated having to dress like I did back then. But that’s not how it feels at all, because I’m so in love with my changing shape. I always thought that hiding under clothes was the best option, but it turns out wearing reasonably formftting stuff works best. I don’t want to cover it up or hide it—I want to flaunt it.”

Enjoy the unfiltered new you!

“Being pregnant has made me much more uninhibited. That’s partially because I don’t feel any need to hide my body, thanks to my growing belly. There’s that period in the beginning where your belly hasn’t popped and you just feel, um, Rubenesque, but then you start showing and stop feeling self-conscious because the bump is so beautiful! And it’s partially because pregnancy brain often means my flters are turned of, and whatever pops into my brain comes rolling on out. It’s alarming at frst, but actually wonderfully freeing! You get to just enjoy exactly where you are and soak up every minute of this crazy adventure toward parenthood.”

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