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Pamper Yourself During Pregnancy

Kristin Cavallari, TV star and Fit Pregnancy's April/May cover model, shows you how

Reason 634 why pregnancy is awesome: No one can blame you for shopping incessantly and asking your partner for a massage every now and then (OK fine, every single night).

See, there's no better time to treat yourself—and not only because you deserve it (you're sharing your body with another human!). Relaxation is good for both you and your developing baby. Here's how Kristin Cavallari, fashion designer, former MTV reality star and our April/May cover model, unwinds while preggers. Steal her tips, then get ready for some serious stress reduction. 

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Get More:  See the full Kristin Cavallari cover story—with more photos and Kristin's fashion secrets—in our April/May issue, on newsstands March 31st or iTunes on March 28th.

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