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Rockin' Mama

Brooke Burke, co-host of CBS' Rock Star -- and our February/March cover model -- has lots going on.


How are you staying in such great shape?
I do pretty much what I usually do - Pilates and walking, I've minimized the cardio work. I always some ab work, too -- I think it gives you more back support and an easier delivery.
With your body changing so fast, it's important to keep moving and grow into the changes -- if you decide to not work out at all, that's a long time without exercise, and it makes it harder to come back.

You seem to bounce back really well - how do you do it?
I definitely am stricter nutrition-wise after I give birth and increase cardio work, but I can't go too crazy, since I'm going to breastfeed. I had to shoot the swimsuit calendar three months after I had Sierra, so I starting eating 5 small meals a day, and I ran - I don't usually run. I need carbs for energy so I just avoid oil and sugar; I believe in good fats like nuts and avocado. I eat good food that I enjoy.

As a pro at this, what's your advice to new mothers?
I think as a new mom you are just trying to figure it out, you are trying to have everything in order, and you just can't. When I had my second baby I was on two shows, and my life was very chaotic. You have to give yourself room to let things be the way they will be, take life day by day and figure out what works for you and your baby. Everybody tries to tell you the right thing to do, and you're th only one who knows what's really right.
Be OK with the chaos, and spend some time alone with just you and the baby, I remember with my first, I just wanted to be with her and figure it all out by myself. You have to allow that.

Any beauty advice?
I oil my body twice a day -- on my belly, hips and breasts, I use something called Mother's Special Blend, it has shea butter and almond oil - but you can use just olive oil. I don't think you need expensive beauty products, raw natural, oil is fine. I've been lucky enough to avoid stretch marks. Also wear a really good support bra, day and night - especially when you're nursing.

What about going back to work?
I really enjoy working and I think sometimes as a mom it's a little bit of a break - with a newborn I wear the baby, definitely an attachment parenting person. Rock Star is a dream - the schedule is great. We shoot two days a week and it's in town, which allows me to be involved with my kids. We start shooting the third installment after the baby is born, so I'll bring the baby and the nanny to the set. Nowadays people just have to accept that choice. My children and I are a package deal -- that's just the way it was. And now that more career women have babies, we can se that it is possible to accomplish so many things and still be a mother. I have chosen to be really devoted to my children. It's all doable if you just commit to it.

FP: I just read a study that said working mothers are best at dealing with stress.
Brooke: I'm not surprised at all; as mothers we have this gift -- we are able to cope with whatever comes our way. I know my family comes first and every thing falls into place - -it makes it easier.
I was given some really great advice when I was pregnant with my second, Sierra and worried about the impact would be on Neriah, and that I wouldn't have enough love and attention to go around. And the advice was: "Mothers have this magic ability to give an abundance of love, no matter how much is needed, you just get bigger and bigger." And that's what I tell my girls, that we are so lucky to have this much love for each other.


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