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[Star Moms] Ming-Na

An ER doctor’s real-life pregnancy


FP: So, are you having any trouble getting back into shape, post delivery?

MN: Not really. I just eat healthfully and exercise, and that seems to do it.

FP: What do you do for exercise?

MN: When I was pregnant, I did yoga and used the big exercise ball, which completely supports your pregnant body. It stretches your back and sides and loosens up all the muscles in your shoulders and back. It helped me so, so much, but in a really gentle way.

FP: And now that you’ve had Michaela?  

MN: I work out with my baby on my belly. I do sit-ups, pelvic tilts and arm lifts. My goal is to be able to zip up my Earl Jeans again.

FP: By the way, was this a planned pregnancy?

MN: Actually, it wasn’t; be careful what you think about. That was our problem: We were talking about when we might plan to have a baby ...

FP: ... and the universe heard you.

MN: Yep. But it worked out. I was blown away by everything, the miracle of DNA coding, all that stuff. Of course, near the end, I felt like a pod.

FP: Um ... a pod?

MN: I gained 40 pounds and had this roly-poly body. But you know what was great, especially for an actress? I didn’t have to worry about my body anymore. When I went to the Emmys, I wore a tight, sequined dress and didn’t have to suck in my gut. It was like, “Here it is! This is how I’m supposed to look.”

FP: I am a goddess ...

MN: Exactly.            — Celeste Fremon


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