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Star Moms Revisited

They told us what they thought motherhood would be like, but how does the reality match up? Fit Pregnancy catches up with our past star moms.


Last time these lovely ladies were featured in Fit Pregnancy they were expecting or had just given birth, so we thought it would be fun to see how their lives have been going now that their babies have arrived and are flourishing.

Jessica Alba

Actress Jessica Alba was pregnant with her first child when she appeared on the cover of the June/July2008 issue of Fit Pregnancy. Then, she told us that pregnancy had "mellowed" her.  Now that her daughter, Honor Marie, is 1 year old, we thought we’d check in on how she's doing.

Q: Is motherhood what you expected?
It's a lot more difficult to juggle motherhood and a career than I ever anticipated. So busy! And Honor is more mobile now than ever before and loves putting just about any foreign object in her mouth. I have to be a constant watchdog

Q: What’s the most memorable thing that has happened to you as a new mother?
Every milestone is memorable, from the numerous wardrobe changes in her first five months due to her explosive diarrhea to the first time she said, "Mama."  She already insists on feeding herself—broccoli is her fave. Life moves so fast as a new mom. Sometimes I wish time would slow down.

Q: Any advice for new moms?
What works for you may not work for others and vice versa. As long as you try your best, that's all it takes to be a great mother. I have also found that it's more useful to stop and listen than to try and always have the answers.

Gabrielle Reece   

When we last spoke to former pro athlete and fitness expert Gabrielle Reece, 39 (February/March 2008 cover) she was about to give birth to her second daughter, Brody Jo, now 1 1/2 years old. And she told us she was wondering how the new baby would affect the family dynamic among her husband, big-wave surfer Laird Hamilton, his daughter from a previous marriage, Bella, 13,  and their 5-year-old daughter, Reece.

Q: How are things with the family going now that Brody Jo is 15 months?
I think when you have your second child you’re surprised that you have more to give. With one, you feel like you’re giving everything you have, and then a new baby arrives and you’re amazed you can give even more. Laird bonded quickly with Brody Jo; and because he got so involved, it alleviated some of my work, so I had more to give him, which helps us stay more balanced as a couple.


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