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Star Moms: Show and Tell with Janet Jones Gretzky


Before she became Mrs. Wayne Gretzky, Janet Jones was famous in her own right as a model, TV personality (Dance Fever) and film actress (A League of Their Own, A Chorus Line, The Flamingo Kid). We caught up with Jones Gretzky at home in Los Angeles when she was seven months pregnant with the couple’s fourth child.

Fit Pregnancy: We notice you have barricaded yourself in your bedroom. Is that the only way you can get peace and quiet?

Janet Jones Gretzky: Uh-huh. Especially when the kids are home from school. Oh, no! Now my husband’s at the door. (Calling to him) “I need about half an hour, OK? I’m doing some work!”

FP: Is this pregnancy different?

JJG: I had the first three when I was in my 20s. I just popped them out, boom, boom, boom! Now that I’m in my 30s, if someone suggested I should have three babies one after the other, I’d go, “What?! Are you crazy?!” But I think I’m wiser and calmer this time.

FP: Do you get morning sickness?

JJG: With all four. Except I wasn’t sick in the early morning. So every day I’d work out right after I got up, because that was the one hour I felt great. The rest of the day, I’d walk around feeling like I just got out of a five-hour car ride down curvy roads.

FP: What would make you feel better?

JJG: Eating.

FP: Naturally. Any cravings?

JJG: Entenmann’s milk chocolate doughnuts. But they were hard to find in California. So I’d have my friends FedEx them from all over the country. One time, 10 boxes arrived at once, and suddenly I hated them. I’ve never been able to eat one since.

FP: What about mood swings? Any impressive crying jags?

JJG: Not crying. But I wasn’t my normal self for a while. If anybody crossed me, I’d confront them immediately. Like, boom, they were dead. You can imagine what poor Wayne went through. He was on eggshells. Fortunately, I happened to marry the nicest guy in the world …

FP: … who for three months was crouching in the corner.

JJG: Yeah. And then, after the first trimester, I was suddenly in a great mood going, “Aren’t I sexy?” And he was terrified to get near me because I tortured him for three months. It’s amazing what happens with those hormones.
FP: The worst part of being pregnant?

JJG: The beginning, which is when I tend to get depressed because it feels like I’m losing control of my body.

FP: Are you normally a bit of a control freak?

JJG: I danced for 12 years. As a dancer, you have to be in control of your body. When you’re pregnant, you’re supposed to relinquish control. That doesn’t mean you can’t be disciplined.


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