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Star Moms: Show and Tell with Janet Jones Gretzky

FP: What do you do for fitness?

JJG: Wayne and I own a gym called the Garrett Warren Training Center in the suburbs of Los Angeles. Three days a week I go there for Tae-robics, a mix of tae kwon do, boxing and
aerobics. On alternate days, I do a stationary bike and free weights.
FP: What have you been wearing?

JJG: For the first pregnancies, mostly leggings and big shirts. This time, Liz Lange’s clothes. But to wear her stuff, it helps if you stay in shape. Ten years ago we were taught to cover up. Her message is, it’s OK to show.

FP: Any peculiar baby dreams?

JJG: Oh, yeah. I can’t even tell ’em  because they’re so weird.

FP: Oh, sure you can.

JJG: OK, here’s one. At 14 weeks, we were told we were having a girl. I bought the little dresses. Then the night before we had the ultrasound at 18 weeks, I had this vivid dream that we were having a boy. I saw the penis. And guess what? It’s a boy.


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