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Super Cindy

Cover model Cindy Crawford on home birthing, her new book and her new baby


Thirty-five and pregnant with her second child, Cindy Crawford still reigned as the world's most recognized supermodel.  We caught up with her in her 30th week of pregnancy.

Fit Pregnancy: Your son, Presley, was born at home. Are you trying for a home birth again?
Cindy Crawford:
We’re planning on it, but it depends on how everything goes. I loved it with Presley. I didn’t tell anyone last time because a lot of people are against home birth and tell you horror stories. Even my husband [entrepreneur Rande Gerber] said at first, “Why are we doing this? We have insurance.” He honestly thought I was trying to save money.

Did you go right back to work after you had the baby?
Two months later, but that was for Revlon, a company that I had worked with for a long time, so they understood my situation.

Did you worry about looking like a raccoon because your baby was keeping you up at night?
I was more worried about the weight thing, but that turned out to be a non-issue. In terms of sleep, thank God for good makeup.

Give us a fabulous model’s tip for making a new mother look less tired.
There aren’t any. Exercise gets your circulation going, but I’ve never found a method that takes away the dark circles. Sorry.
Bummer. What are you doing for exercise now?
The treadmill. And I do free weights twice a week. I’m not running — I use any excuse to get out of running. I also have an amazing yoga teacher.

What’s most difficult with this pregnancy?
I got morning sickness bad. For a while, pizza was the only thing that made me feel good. And fish grossed me out. I couldn’t walk by the tuna cans in the grocery store.

Fear of fish.
Yeah. And this time I am also carrying a little lower, so there’s more pressure on my back. I bought one of those pregnancy belts, and that does help. But they could make ’em a little more stylish!

Speaking of stylish, are you still wearing 3-inch heels for fashion shoots?
When I have to. Hey, I could run a marathon in heels, so I’m not worried about falling. I’m a fashion person; even if the heels don’t end up in the shot, they change your posing attitude. But I feel it in my back afterward. When I get home from a shoot, I have to lie down, like, right now.

What maternity clothes do you wear?
I’m working with a company called Estyle, and we’ve come up with some great basic pieces. My advice is: Don’t change your style. If you normally wear black …

… don’t switch to pastels.
Exactly. Choices are great now. You don’t have to wear pink tent dresses; you can wear black leather pants.


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