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Super Cindy

Cover model Cindy Crawford on home birthing, her new book and her new baby


Are you prone to mood swings?
No. But I forget things. Today, my husband and I agreed that he would send out for some lunch, but I forgot and made my own. My husband went, “You ate already?!” And I said, “I forgot, I’m pregnant.” He said, “You forgot you’re pregnant?” If I don’t write something down right away, I’m in trouble.

You’re famous for being a total babe, but do you have any body insecurities?
Oh, absolutely. I’ve posed nude in Playboy, and I posed nude on the cover of W while I was expecting Presley, but I won’t even wear bikinis when I’m pregnant. I don’t mind wearing tight stuff, but I feel too naked if I have my tummy showing — I wear a tank and a sarong. It’s weird, huh?

Any nude posing this time?
Not yet. Some days I feel better about this silhouette than on other days. I’m not one of those women who feel their most beautiful and feminine when they’re pregnant.

Do you get Dolly Parton boobs?
When the milk comes, they get so big, it’s bizarre. To tell the truth, I think huge boobs are overrated.

What’s the best thing about pregnancy?
One of the things my yoga teacher says is: “Don’t wish the present away. Don’t say, ‘I can’t wait ’til he’s born. I can’t wait ’til he walks.’ Enjoy this part. Enjoy being pregnant. Enjoy the dreaming part.”

You just published a book, About Face (Harper Entertainment, 2001), where you make faces with your baby. Did you really let yourself look dopey in photos?
Medium dopey. I had to make a monkey face, the kind of thing you look at afterward and think, “Why did I do that exactly?” It’s a really sweet book, and it’s not about me, which is what my life’s like now. It’s not about me anymore.

… which is good?
Which is good. My sister said something I love: “The greatest thing about having kids is that you don’t need to prioritize anymore because you’re looking at your priorities.” That’s the truth.   

 — Celeste Fremon


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