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truth be told

Breastfeed wherever you want. The more people who do it, the more acceptable it'll become.> Ana Gasteyer


Motherly advice: “Breastfeed wherever you want. You are going to get some weird, sideways looks, but the more people who do it, the more acceptable it’ll become.”

Truth: “Having a baby makes you forgive your own mom fast.”

*Lisa Rinna

In addition to hosting SoapNet’s new talk show SoapTalk and being mom to Delilah Belle, 5, and Amelia Gray, 2, Lisa Rinna recently opened an upscale clothing store, Belle Gray, in the Los Angeles area.

Labor: “I had a doula who was trying to help me do it naturally, but after

14 hours of labor, the yoga breathing techniques went out the window and

I finally got the epidural. It was extremely intense. The second birth was a breeze. I got an epidural right away, and my daughter slid right out of me—such a gentle, easy birth.”

Postpartum blues: “I had severe postpartum depression after both births. With my first child, I didn’t know what hit me. I felt horrible and didn’t understand why. That first bout lasted about 15 months. With my second child, I was able to get help right away. So I’d say that if you notice any signs, call your doctor immediately. You’ve got to take care of yourself.”

Working mom: “I still work because it’s a part of who I am, but my family comes first and I schedule my work around that.”

*Jenny McCarthy

Funny gal Jenny McCarthy kept her sense of humor through a hellish labor and an emergency C-section. She has written a book inspired by her fear of “poo-ing on the table” and her pregnancy with Evan, now 1.

Worst fear realized: “The funny thing is that I had my mom, mother-in-law and three sisters in the delivery room because I wanted everyone to share the beautiful experience. They all knew about my fear of poo-ing on the table. After I saw the baby, I asked my mom if it happened. She said, ‘You did a little bit but they cleaned it up.’ I’m like, ‘Nooo!’”

Postpartum: “It was just me sobbing and sobbing for two months, clutching my baby saying, ‘I just love you so much.’ My husband would ask, ‘What’s wrong?’ And I’d say, ‘I love him and nothing can happen to him.’”

Final thought: “You have to laugh  when your baby pees in your face. I tell new moms: ‘You’re about to experience the best of what life has to offer.’”

*Kelli Williams

A sleepy Kelli Williams phoned en route to the park with her kids, Kiran, 5, and Sarame, 2 1/2. There’s not much time for napping during her third pregnancy, between defending clients on The Practice and entertaining the kids. 


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