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truth be told

Breastfeed wherever you want. The more people who do it, the more acceptable it'll become.> Ana Gasteyer


Baby No. 3: “Thank goodness you forget the pain of delivery in order to have more. I always tell people, ‘Your life will be chaotic, but you’ll be the happiest and sleepiest person ever.’ You wonder if you can love a second or third child as much as the first, and you do, but differently.”

Motherly advice: “My favorite time is the ‘fourth trimester,’ after you bring the baby home. Don’t return phone calls, don’t stress about anything—just focus on your baby. Give yourself that great cocoon. Just remember, you will go a little insane with no sleep. I ended up putting a piece of chicken in the cupboard. Later, when I got a plate out, there it was.”


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