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Birth of a Father

For the in-the-know dad-to-be.


It's official: she's having a baby, and you're becoming a dad. It's a brave new world, and we've got your back: whether you're looking for cool baby gear, what to expect when she's expecting, or advice from dads on the front lines of fatherhood. Congratulations, dad-to-be: your boys can swim. Now the real fun begins.

On Becoming A Dad

Birth of A Father: A Guy's Guide To Having A Baby - Dad 2.0
From relief of performance anxiety to reviews of cool baby gear, a user's guide for the newest-model father-to-be

50 things every guy should know about pregnancy and parenthood
Two fathers share the nitty-gritty.

A New Dad's Field Guide
A manual for surviving pregnancy and fatherhood

The Dish On Dads
A labor nurse's take on 8 species of fathers-to-be

Dad Quiz
This Daddytyper and Papasonality Categorizer will help you peer into your fatherhood future. Keep track of your answers, then check out what they mean at the end of the quiz.

New Father Fears

Sex, money, freedom--guys sweat this stuff.
Here's advice for keeping your cool.

True Confessions
A guys guide to having a baby

Trading Up
Sure, you sacrifice some things when you become a dad. But look at what you get in return.

Life With The Mrs.

What to expect when she's expecting
Your psychological roadmap from conception through new fatherhood.

Lost that lovin' feeling? You're not alone.
Men and post-baby sex

Anxious Dad Ups C-Section Pain
Calm man, calm mom

The Parent Trap
Keeping your marriage running smoothly with a new baby can be a challenge. Here's help.

Gadgets and Gear

Buyer's Guide: Gadgets, Carriers, Car Seats, and More
Admit it, you love to shop!

Dad Gear 2.0
Gear that is as guy-friendly as it is useful.

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